Finance Consultancy

The company has been set up to provide customized financial and management solutions. We are a team of professionals comprising of Chartered Accountants with hands on experience specific to the area of operations.

Area of operations:

1. International Finance:
         Syndication of External Commercial Borrowings
         Equity/Debt Placement with FIIs
         Trade Financing

2. Portfolio Management:
         Advice on investment avenues in Indian capital market

3. Research:
         Equity Research (Industry and Company Analysis)

4. Fund Based Activities:
         Syndication of Loans
         Project Finance
         Working capital                        
5. Pre-IPO Placement and Private Placement of Equity/Debts

6. Corporate Consultancy:
         Computerized Accounting and MIS systems.

7. Capital Formation - Debt & Equity
In an environment of constantly changing market conditions, we provides real-time financial solutions to meet the goals of our clients. We work closely with our clients to identify and evaluate the various alternatives that will result in the best capital structure to fit their specific needs.

We help talented entrepreneurs in their quest for Venture Capital Investment or Angel Investment by setting up fruitful meetings for them with highly compatible firms. Whether you are looking for Seed Capital Investment or Start up Investment,  Asmita is here to help. Our firm guarantees an introduction for you with a top venture capital firm or angel investor of your choice within a period of three months.

Funding of business plan  is perhaps one of the toughest aspects of starting a business. The financial investment required is often large and hard to come by. The biggest hurdle entrepreneurs must jump in order to secure Angel Investment or a Venture Capital Investment is lack of contacts, and lack of know-how.  Asmita is here to help. We will be your network and your guides as you look to meet with Venture Capital Firms and Angel Seed Funds.

We have been entrepreneurs seeking everything from Seed Capital Investment to Start up Investment to First and Second Round Funding. We have been Venture Capitalists debating whether to make an investment in an entrepreneurs. We know how to help you position yourself in the best manner possible, and we know which Venture Capital Investment and Angel Investment Firms who will make an investment in your company.

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