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State II - Name Availability

Company Registration in India starts with filing of an application for Company Name. The chosen name = for a company should be unique all over India. Usually in a day o= r two, concerned ROC approves the name if the applied name is not same or clos= ely similar to the name of an existing company and the proposed name is in accordance with the Guidelines for Name Availability issued by the Mini= stry of Corporate Affairs (MCA).

Guidelines for Name Availability

A Company can not use the same name or cl= osely similar name of another existing company registered in India= .

The name of a company starts with a noun followed by activity and ends with the words 'Private Limited' in case of private limited company and the word 'Limited' in case of public limited company. For example, 'Tata Consultancy Servi= ces Limited' is a public limited company. The name starts with the noun 'Tata', activity 'Consultancy Services' and ends with 'Limited' as it is a public limited company.

No promoter can register a company with t= he name 'Tata Consultancy Services Limited' or c= losely similar to that. Similarly, a trade mark owner can claim the text of the mark, if any, for registering a company with that name.

As per the Guidelines of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, a company should have different levels of Authorised Capital to include certain words in the = name of the company.

Table of Key words controlling Authorised C= apital

Key Wo= rds in the Name of a company

Authorised Capital Required (INR)


5 Cror= es

International, Globe, Global, Universal, Universe, Continental, Inter-Continental, Asiatic, Asia, Asia= n, World being the first word of the name

1 Cror= e

If any of the key words at 2 above is used within the name (with or without brackets)

50 lak= hs

Hindustan, Hindustani, Hindustanee, India, Indian, Bharat, Bhrarati= , Bharatiya, Bharateeya, being the first word of the name

50 lak= hs

If any of the key words at 4 above is used within the name (with or without brackets)

5 Lakh= s

Industries / Udyog / industrial, industry<= o:p>

1 Cror= e

Enterprises, Enterprise, products, product, Business, Manufacturing, manufacture

10 lak= hs